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Odors and Smells

(778 words)

Author(s): Marín, Manuela
Aromas — both pleasant and unpleasant — detected with the olfactory sense. In contrast to the many references to the senses of hearing and sight (see seeing and hearing ), smell is rarely mentioned in the Qurʾān. Two words from the root r-w-ḥ are used in this respect: rīḥ and rayḥān. The former appears nearly always with the meaning of “wind” (see air and wind ), but on one occasion ( q 12:94) it is said that Joseph's (q.v.) father (see jacob ) perceives his son's scent (rīḥ) in the shirt brought to him by his brothers (see brother and brotherhood ). As for the latter word, it occurs in q 55:12, in the …