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Waqqāṣa family

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Author(s): Maya Shatzmiller
The Banū Waqqāṣa, or Ruqqāṣa, were a Jewish family in Fez whose members served the Marīnid dynasty in Morocco between 1286 and 1310. The first Banū Waqqāṣa courtier, Khalīfa b. Ḥayyūn, began as a boon companion to Abū Yaʿqūb Yūsuf (r. 1286–1307). He soon became the sultan’s chamberlain (Ar. ājib), according to Ibn Khaldūn's Kitāb al-ʿIbar, our main source, and after he eliminated his Muslim rivals his power extended throughout the Marīnid state. He was present at every meeting of court officials with the tribal chiefs on whose military prowess the …

Ibn Baṭash, Aaron (Hārūn)

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Author(s): Maya Shatzmiller
Aaron (Hārūn) ibn Baṭash was a courtier and confidant of the last Marīnid sultan of Morocco, ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq al-Marīnī (r. 1420–1465). After a prolonged association with the court as a banker or tax collector, he was appointed vizier in 1464, effectively in control of the state administration once his patron, the Marīnid sultan, managed to shake off the prolonged tutelage of the Waṭṭāsids. Ibn Baṭash was perceived as grossly violating the code for dhimmis (see Dhimma) by riding on horseback and wearing a sword engraved with verses from the Qu’rān. He also brought seve…