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Ballanche, Pierre Simon

(1,440 words)

Author(s): McCalla, Arthur
Ballanche, Pierre Simon, * 4 Aug 1776 (Lyons), † 12 Jun 1847 (Paris) The Ballanche family owned a publishing house in Lyons. An encounter with Juliette Récamier during her period of exile under Napoleon transformed Pierre-Simon'…


(5,631 words)

Author(s): McCalla, Arthur
Rather than attempt an exhaustive catalogue of the connections between esotericism and Romanticism, this entry is…

Maistre, Joseph de

(1,249 words)

Author(s): McCalla, Arthur
Maistre, Joseph de, * 1 Apr 1753 (Chambéry), † 26 Feb 1821 (Turin) Educated by the Jesuits, de Maistre became a member of the Savoy Senate in 1787. After Napoleon's invasion of Savoy, de Maistre went into exile in Switzerland.…

Fabre d'Olivet, Antoine

(3,338 words)

Author(s): McCalla, Arthur
Fabre d'Olivet, Antoine, * 8 Jan 1767 (Ganges), † 27 Mar 1825 (Paris) The immensely curious and massively erudite self-proclaimed Neo-Pythagorean Fabre d'Olivet was born to a wealthy Protestant family. As a young man, he came under the influence of Delisle de Sales, an Enlightenment rationalist with a penchant for historical speculation. Under Delisle's influence, Fabre d'Olivet wrote Lettres à Sophie sur l'histoire (1801), a resume of ancient and modern cosmogonic systems together with a history of civilizations. Fabre d'Olivet's other notable pre-theosophical work is Le Trouba…