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Afro-Caribbean Religions

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Author(s): Murphy, Joseph M.
The Concept The category ‘Afro-Caribbean Religions’ may be defined as religious initiatives by people of African descent in the Caribbean region. They are often characterized by the preservation and development of religious beliefs and practices brought from Africa during the period of the slave trade, particularly in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries when the majority of enslaved Africans were transported. While each region of the Caribbean presented different patterns of govern…


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Author(s): Murphy, Joseph M.
[English Version] . S. ist die verbreitetste Bez. für eine von den Yoruba-Völkern Westafrikas stammende rel. Tradition. Sie wurde von versklavten (Sklaverei) Yoruba-Männern und Frauen in der 1. Hälfte des 19.Jh. nach Kuba gebracht (Afroamerikanische Religionen: I.,1.) und wird heute überall in Amerika und Europa praktiziert. Der Name S. (»Weg der Heiligen«) bezieht sich auf die Entsprechungen, die die Anhänger zw. den santos der röm.-kath. Volksfrömmigkeit und den orisha-Geistern schufen, deren Ve…

Santería Cult

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Author(s): Murphy, Joseph M.
[German Version] “Santería” is the most common term for a religious tradition that originated among the Yoruba peoples of West Africa. It was brought to Cuba (African-American religion: I, 1) by enslaved Yoruba men and women (Slavery) in the first half of the 19th century and is now practiced throughout the Americas and Europe. The name Santería (way of the Saints) refers to the correspondences that devotees made between the santos of Roman Catholic folk piety and the orisha spirits whose veneration they carried from Africa. In Santería theology, God Almighty, Olodumare, …