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Modern Greek literature

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Author(s): Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes
Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes [German version] A. Methodology and Definition (CT) When and where does Modern Greek Literature (MGL) begin? The answer to this question [33] transcends the usual chronological and methodological difficulties of drawing limits between neighbouring disciplines, with relations with Byzantine Studies posing the most serious difficulties. The approach followed by our handbooks, of either treating popular Byzantine literature separately from  works written in the standard langua…

 Kata Mōamed

(617 words)

Author(s): Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes
Against Muḥammad Against Muḥammad Date: Uncertain; probably 10th or 11th century Original Language: Greek Description Despite its title, this work is not so much a polemic against the person of the Prophet of Islam as an attempt to give a minimum of knowledge about his life and teachings. In Khoury's view, its core goes back to the 10th or 11th century; this seems probable from the sources the author uses and from the fact that the work of Ethymius Zigabenus (11th-12th century) was unknown to him. Modifying Khoury’s analysis, the treatise consists of five parts and one late…

Bartholomew of Edessa

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Author(s): Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes
Bartholomaios Edessēnos Date of Birth: Unknown, but before 1146 Place of Birth: Edessa, now Urfa (Turkey) Date of Death: Unknown; late 12th or early 13th century Place of Death: Unknown Biography It used to be thought that Bartholomew was active in the 9th century (see e.g. Beck, Kirche und theologische Literatur im byzantinischen Reich, Munich, 1959, p. 531). However, since the convincing re-dating by Todt, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that Bartholomew wrote during the last decades of the 12th century, or even later. All we know about Bartholomew is to be deduced from his …

 Bartholomaiou tou Edesēnou (sic) elenchos Agarēnou

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Author(s): Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes
Bartholomew of Edessa's refutation of an Agarene Bartholomew of Edessa Date: Last decades of the 12th century Original Language: Greek Description The main feature of the work is its unsystematic character: it lacks a logical structure and is full of repetitions and inconsistencies, which is partly due to Bartholomew’s outbursts: ‘B. est incapable de s’en tenir à la ligne d’un argument. Aussitôt qu´il a commencé à en développer un, sa passion bouillonne, la colère le prend’, (Abel, cited by Todt, p. xxvi). The resul…

Against Muḥammad

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Author(s): Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes
Unknown author Date of Birth: Unknown; 10th or 11th century Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: Unknown; 11th century Place of Death: Unknown Biography Nothing is known about this author, except that he had wide access to Greek works on Islam and used them judiciously. Primary Sources of Information Kata Mōamed, PG 104, cols 1447-58 Secondary Sources of Information A.-T. Khoury, Les théologiens byzantins et l´islam. Textes et auteurs (VIIIe – XIIIe s.), 2nd ed., Louvain, 1969, pp. 194-99 Works on Christian-Muslim Relations Kata Mōamed Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis

Neugriechische Literatur

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Author(s): Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes
Niehoff-Panagiotidis, Johannes [English version] A. Methodik und Abgrenzung (RWG) Wann und wie beginnt die n.L.? Die Beantwortung dieser Frage [33] überschreitet die üblichen chronologisch-methodischen Abgrenzungsschwierigkeiten zw. benachbarten Disziplinen, wobei hier das Verhältnis zur Byzantinistik am schwierigsten ist. Die Vorgehensweise unserer Hdb., entweder die byz. Volkslit. von der hochsprachlichen gesondert zu behandeln (Problem bereits deutlich gesehen bei [5]) und dann alles, was nach 1453 in…