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Author(s): Nir, Bracha
1. Introduction A complementizer is defined as a syntactic element or grammatical item (a word, particle, clitic, or affix) that functions as the marker of a subordinate complement construction, or—according to the standard definition—the argument of a predicate (Noonan 2006; 2007; but see Cristofaro 2003 for a functional definition of complement constructions; for a current review of Hebrew complement clauses see Zewi 2008 and references therein; Zuckermann 2006; Content Clauses; Complement Claus…

Text Linguistics: Modern Hebrew

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Author(s): Nir, Bracha
In their seminal introductory text, de Beaugrande and Dressler (1981) provide an extensive overview of major issues in what they term ‘text linguistics’ as dealing with linguistic structure beyond the boundaries of the sentence, focusing on analysis of extended discourse, and covering studies that range from investigations of stylistics and literature to different genres and registers (written and spoken). Historically, the fields termed ‘text linguistics’ and ‘discourse analysis’ were treated a…