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Ralph of Caen

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Author(s): Packard, Barbara
Raoul de Caen, Radulfo Cadomensi Date of Birth: About 1080 Place of Birth: Caen, Normandy Date of Death: Unknown; after 1118 Place of Death: Unknown Biography Ralph of Caen probably came from a prominent Norman family. He was likely tutored by Arnulf of Chocques, who was later to become patriarch of Jerusalem. It is not known whether he completed his studies and training for the priesthood before Arnulf’s departure for the Holy Land in 1096, but he was an ordained priest at least by 1106. That year, Bohemond of Taranto, …

 Historia Francorum qui ceperunt Iherusalem

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Author(s): Packard, Barbara
History of the Franks who captured Jerusalem Raymond of Aguilers Date: Approx. 1101 Original Language: Latin Description The Historia Francorum qui ceperunt Iherusalem, almost 100 pages of Latin text, was probably completed about 1101. Raymond of Aguilers does not mention the death of Count Raymond at Tripoli in 1105, suggesting he had completed his work before that date. Another crusade historian, Fulcher of Chartres (q.v.), who probably finished his account of the First Crusade by 1101, used Raymond’s work, again suggesting an early date for the completion of Raymond’s narrative. R…

 Gesta Tandcredi in expeditione Hierosolymitana

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Author(s): Packard, Barbara
The deeds of Tancred on the expedition to Jerusalem Ralph of Caen Date: 1112-18 Original Language: Latin Description Ralph of Caen began his work after the death of Tancred in 1112, writing in both verse and prose. In the RHC edition, the text takes up about 125 pages. In his preface, Ralph implies that he wrote only after the death of his lord so that he could not be accused of being bribed and told what to write. Ralph dedicated the work to Arnulf of Chocques, his former teacher and patriarch of Jerusalem. Throughout his work, he h…

Raymond of Aguilers

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Author(s): Packard, Barbara
Biography Raymond of Aguilers was chaplain to Count Raymond IV of Toulouse (also known as Raymond of St Giles). He accompanied Count Raymond on the First Crusade (1095-99) and co-authored an account of the expedition with a Provençal knight, Pons of Balazun, until Pons was killed at the siege of Arqa (February-May 1099). Raymond addressed his work to the bishop of Viviers and stated that he aimed to correct false stories circulated by cowards and deserters from the army. Much of Raymond’s narrati…