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Zemskii sobor of 1648-9

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Author(s): Perrie, Maureen
Biography The term Zemskii sobor (Assembly of the land) has been applied retrospectively by historians to a series of consultative bodies that were convened in the Muscovite state between the middle of the 16th century and the end of the 17th. Although some scholars have depicted these bodies as proto-parliamentary institutions, they were in fact more informal and irregular than most similar institutions elsewhere in Europe. Their membership usually comprised the tsar’s aristocratic counsellors (the boyar duma), the leaders of the Orthodox Church ( osviashchennyi sobor) and repr…

 Ulozhenie of 1649

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Author(s): Perrie, Maureen
'Law Code of 1649' Zemskii sobor of 1648-9 Date: 1649 Original Language: Old Russian Description The Ulozhenie or Law Code of 1649 (also known by a number of other titles, including the Law Code of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich) updated and codified the legislation that had been embodied in the previous Muscovite Law Codes of 1550, 1589 and 1606-7, incorporating subsequent decrees. It was influenced by church law, Byzantine law and the Lithuanian Statute of 1588. The scroll copy approved by the Assembly of the Land…