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Author(s): Scherer, Anke
Manchukuo (Manzhouguo) officially existed on the territory of former Manchuria from its establishment on March 1, 1932, until Russian troops marched into its capital Xinjing on August 20, 1945. In Chinese it is usually given the prefix wei (false, bogus) in order to document China's refusal to recognize the Japanese-led puppet regime as a state. At the Peace Treaty of Portsmouth following the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-05, Japan received the regions on the Liaodong peninsula formerly leased by Russia (the Guandong region), as well as the railway l…


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Author(s): Scherer, Anke
Manchuria is a large region in northeastern China extending over today's provinces of Heilongjiang , Jilin, and Liaoning . It is named after the Altaic ethnic group of the Manchus who formed the majority of the population until the massive influx of Han Chinese since the early 20th century. The designation " Manzhou" first appeared in Chinese records in 1613, but it describes the totality of the various Altaic peoples living in the region rather than one homogeneous ethnicity. In 916, the Khitan (Qidan) people founded the Liao dynasty, and in 926 they conquered the Bohai E…