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 C’amebaj c’midisa da net’arisa moc’amisa Krist’ēsisa Habojsi, romeli ic’ama Kartls šina, kalaksa T’piliss, qelita sark’inoztajta, gamotkumuli Iovane dzisa Sabanisi brdzanebita Krist’ēs mier Samoel Kartlisa k’atalik’ozisajta

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Author(s): Shurgaia, Gaga
The Martyrdom of Abo, saint and blessed martyr of Christ, who suffered under the Saracens in Kartli, in the town of Tbilisi, told by Ioane Sabanisdze, by order of Samoel, Catholikos of Kartli in Christ, The Martyrdom of Abo of Tbilisi Ioane Sabanisdze, Iovane Sabanisdze (Sabanisʒe) Date: 786-90 Original Language: Georgian Description The text, which comprises 35 pages in Abuladze’s edition with critical apparatus, deals with the life and martyrdom of Abo, a perfumer from Baghdad who came to Georgia and converted to Christianity. Its authenticity is undisputed.  The work consists of…

Ioane Sabanisdze, Iovane Sabanisdze (Sabanisʒe)

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Author(s): Shurgaia, Gaga
Ioane Sabanisdze Date of Birth: Unknown, 8th c. Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Unknown Biography Nothing is known about this person except that he lived in Tbilisi, capital of the Kingdom of Kartli, at the end of the 8th century, and that he was a friend of St Abo, of whose martyrdom he was an eye witness. From his works, he seems a highly educated person and refined writer. He probably belonged to the higher ranks of the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Kartli. Primary Sources of Information C'amebaj c'midisa da net'arisa moc'amisa Krist'ēsisa Habojsi, romel…