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Linear A

(1,072 words)

Author(s): Thomas Palaima | William Bibee
Abstract Linear A is an undeciphered open-syllabic and logographic script used for economic and votive purposes mainly on the island of Crete from ca 1850 to 1450 BCE. Much about the phonetic structure, ideograms, fractional signs and numerals can be understood through (a) internal analysis of the ca 1,500 preserved texts, (b) comparative analysis of the deciphered Linear B script, which was created with Linear A as a model, and (c) reconstructing the Minoan language(s) spoken on Crete in prehist…
Date: 2014-01-22

Scribes, Mycenaean

(3,065 words)

Author(s): Thomas Palaima | William Bibee
Abstract Mycenaean scribes (or better ‘tablet-writers’, cf. Sumerian and Akkadian DUB.SAR and ṭupšarru respectively) are the anonymous individuals who wrote, in the Linear B script, texts on the clay administrative documents discovered in excavations of important sites (most often palatial centers) throughout clearly defined territories of the central and southern Greek mainland and the island of Crete during the period roughly 1450-1200 BCE. It is debated what slight traces of dialect variation mean within the corpus of texts, how …
Date: 2014-01-27