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Theodosius the Deacon

(783 words)

Author(s): Zielke, Beate
Theodosios Diakonos Date of Birth: Before 937 Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: Unknown; probably late 10th century Place of Death: Unknown Biography The only information on Theodosius the Deacon that we have is what can be gleaned from his only extant work, his panegyric poem on the Byzantine conquest of Crete by Nicephorus II Phocas in 961. According to the poem's title, Theodosius was a deacon, certainly in Constantinople and probably close to the imperial court, therefore perhaps one of the clerics of the patriarchate in Constantinople or one of the clerics of the imperial palace. T…

 Halōsis Krētēs ponētheisa para Theodosiou diakonou tapeinou tō philanthrōpō kai krataiō basilei Rōmanō

(1,639 words)

Author(s): Zielke, Beate
Theodosius diaconus, De Creta captaThe Conquest of Crete, written by Theodosius the Deacon, the humble, for the benevolent and mighty Emperor Romanus, On the conquest of Crete Theodosius the Deacon Date: Composed between March 961 and autumn 962, dedicated between March and July 963 Original Language: Greek Description This panegyric poem consists of 1,039 iambic verses, arranged in five ‘hearings’ ( akroaseis), which in the most recent edition cover 38 pages in print. As the title informs us, Theodosius the Deacon wrote it for the Byzantine Emperor Roman…