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Author(s): Suermann, Harald
[German Version] The name “Lebanon,” if from the Semitic, could be translated as “white” mountain, but it may also be of pre-Semitic origin. The Lebanon Mountains, together with the coastal plain and the Bekaa Valley, constitute the heartland of the modern state of Lebanon. The crest of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains is the border with Syria, which also constitutes the northern boundary. In the south, Israel is the border. With a length of 220 km and a width of 40–70 km, the state of Lebanon has a surface area of 10,400 km2. The highest peak rises to 3,088 m. The majority of the populati…

Apocalypse of Ps.-Methodius,

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Author(s): Suermann, Harald
[German Version] composed c. 691 in northern Mesopotamia (Syria), recounts the history of the world from Adam to the Islamic conquests in the author's own day, which signal the beginning of the eschaton. The text focuses on the last Roman emperor, the Antichrist, and victory over the Antichrist with the ascendancy of cross and crown. The Apocalypse is ascribed to Bishop Methodius of Olympus. It draws on Syriac sources such as the Treasure Cave, the Julian Romance, and the History of Alexander. At a very early date, it was translated into Greek and…