Lexicon of Greek Grammarians of Antiquity


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Author(s): Billerbeck, Margarethe | Clerc, Didier
Entry Version: This is the English version of this article translated by Patrick Hogan. The original Italian version was written by Margarethe Billerbeck and Didier Clerc and published on 01/11/2018. Here is the Italian version of this entry. Grammarian: Name: Epaphroditus | Identity: Pauly-Wissowa | BNP Place of Origin: Chaeronea Date: 1st c. CE ↓ To Source List Biography: Biographical information about Epaphroditus can be found in the Suda1 (ε 2004 = T 1-2 Braswell-Billerbeck), which calls him a native of Chaeronea and a student of the Alexandrian scholar Archias2, who directed his literary education; the influence of this man can perhaps be seen in the similar interpretations furnished by both of them for Il. 19, 773 (cf. Sch. ex. Il. 19, 77b and Ap. Soph. pp. 156, 23-157, 74, where the position of Archias is reproduced; cf. Braswell-Billerbeck 2008, pp. 259-260). The name Epaphroditus allows us perhaps to conjecture a h…