Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law


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Le principe de l’égalité juridique dans les rapports internationaux (Volume 42)

(52,048 words)

Author(s): Brown SCOTT, James
Brown SCOTT, James Keywords: Human rights | International relations | Mots clefs: …

Le droit international à l’épreuve du terrorisme (Volume 321)

(108,228 words)

Author(s): Klein, Pierre
Klein, Pierre Keywords: United Nations | Terrorism | International peace and security | International politics | Use of force | International relations | Human rights | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Terrorisme | …

Co-existence and International Law (Volume 95)

(27,117 words)

Author(s): I. Tunkin, Grigory
I. Tunkin, Grigory Keywords: Peaceful coexistence | Public international law | International relations | …

International Co-operation in Cultural Affairs (Volume 198)

(21,781 words)

Author(s): Galenskaya, Liudmila
Galenskaya, Liudmila Keywords: Cultural heritage | Cultural co-operation | Culture | International relations | Mots clefs: Coopération culturelle | Culture | …

Intervention In International Law A Study Of Some Recent Cases (Volume 103)

(27,659 words)

Author(s): Fawcett, J.E.S.
Fawcett, J.E.S. Keywords: Intervention | Use of force | International relations | Mots clefs: Intervention | Relations internationales | ABSTRACT J. E. S. Fawcett points out in the introduction to his course that intervention is an old political custom and perhaps even a political necessity. The author’s task is to describe and compare some recent intervention cases (in 1961) and to see what they clarify the rules governing the intervention and what the limits are. After general considerations o…

Le Problème De La Sécurité Internationale (Volume 49)

(21,868 words)

Author(s): Bourquin, Maurice
Bourquin, Maurice Keywords: International peace and security | …

La presse et les relations politiques internationales (Volume 45)

(53,794 words)

Author(s): Butter, Oscar
Butter, Oscar Keywords: Press | International relations | Mots clefs: Presse | Relations internationales | ABSTRACT Oscar Butter writes that the press has become an instrument of political government, a means of influence. Millions of people in modern States are increasingly interested in public life, journals have become an effective means of harmony and union or, unfortunately, also a means of disharmony and enmity. To account for this phenomenon, the author successively studies the relations between foreign …
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