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 L’Alcorano di Macometto

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Author(s): Mattia Tommasino, Pier
L’Alcorano di Macometto'The Qur'an of Muḥammad' Giovanni Battista Castrodardo Date: 1547 Original Language: Italian Description The Alcorano di Macometto (in full L’Alcorano di Macometto. Nel qual si contiene la dottrina, la vita, i costumi, et le leggi sue. Tradotto nuovamente dall’Arabo in lingua Italiana) was published by Andrea Arrivabene in Venice in 1547. Arrivabene dedicated the book to Gabriel de Luetz, baron of Aramon, the fourth French ambassador to the Ottoman Empire (1547-53). Both the ambassador and the publisher were closel…

Giovanni Battista Castrodardo

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Author(s): Mattia Tommasino, Pier
Biography Giovanni Battista Castrodardo was born in Belluno in about 1517. His family was from Castel d’Ardo, a small village on the River Piave, in the diocese of Ceneda. His father, Alberto, studied law in Padua to be a notarius (‘attorney’), a profession that Castrodardo’s family members continued to follow until the beginning of the 19th century. His mother, Caterina Marenio Aleandro, was the daughter of Cristoforo Marenio (from Mareno di Piave) and Chiara Aleandro, the sister of the humanist Pietro Marenio Aleandro and second cousin of Cardinal…

Lazzaro Soranzo

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Author(s): Mattia Tommasino, Pier
Date of Birth: 1555-60 Place of Birth: Unknown; possibly Venice Date of Death: 17 April 1602 Place of Death: Rome Biography Lazzaro Soranzo was a Venetian jurist, poet and writer, born around 1555-60 and associated with the Venetian noble family Soranzo. Lazzaro was an illegitimate son of Benedetto Soranzo, who died heroically during the Battle of Lepanto by blowing up his own galley (1571). As an illegitimate son of a Venetian nobleman, Lazzaro was excluded from public office in Venice, but had access to a good humanist education. In 1578, he published Carmen Pythium, a five-page poem …

 Historia das missões do Oriente

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Author(s): Mattia Tommasino, Pier
‘History of the missions to the East’ Emmanuel Acosta Date: Original Portuguese text around 1568-70; first Latin edition 1571 Original Language: Portuguese Description Da Costa wrote his major work, the  Historia das missões do Oriente in Coímbra (full title,  Historia das missões do Oriente; Rerum a Societate Iesu in Oriente gestarum ad annum usque a Deipara Virgine MDLXVIII, ‘History of the missions of the East; Achievements of the Society of Jesus in the East up to the year of the Virgin 1568’), towards the end of the 1570s. The original Portuguese…

Manuel da Costa

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Author(s): Mattia Tommasino, Pier
Emmanuel Acosta Date of Birth: 1525 Place of Birth: Ponta Delgada, Azores Islands Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Unknown Biography Manuel da Costa was born in Ponta Delgada in 1525 in the Azores. He entered the Society of Jesus on 18 May 1551 in Coímbra, was ordained priest in about 1556 and professed his final vows on 27 June 1562. Da Costa entered the Society of Jesus while studying law at the University of Coímbra, and also studied philosophy and theology for two years. From the second half of the 1550s, h…

 L’Ottomanno di Lazaro Soranzo

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Author(s): Mattia Tommasino, Pier
‘The Ottoman of Lazaro Soranzo’ Lazzaro Soranzo Date: 1598 Original Language: Italian Description L’Ottomanno by Lazzaro Soranzo, most likely funded by Pope Clement VIII, was written in 1596 and published by Vittorio Baldini in Ferrara in 1598 (in quarto). Its full title is L’Ottomanno di Lazaro Soranzo, doue si   pieno ragguaglio non solamente della potenza del presente signor de’ Turchi Mehemeto III de gl’interessi, ch’egli ha con diuersi prencipi, di quanto machina contra il christianesmo, et di quello che all’incontro si potrebbe a suo …