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Jurisprudence des tribunaux internationaux en ce qui concerne leur competence (Volume 88)

(15,872 words)

Author(s): Berlia, Georges
Berlia, Georges Keywords: International courts | Competence | Mots clefs: Tribunaux internationaux | Compétence | ABSTRACT Georges Berlia asks does the international judge have jurisdiction over his jurisdiction? in the introduction of his course. If he has it, to what extent does it have? If it is contested, does international jurisprudence allow it to reject this claim? If it authorizes it, does it offer guarantees to the States by the limits that it would pose on judge’s freedom? These are the essential fact…

L’exercice des compétences monétaires par les États (Volume 212)

(56,877 words)

Author(s): Burdeau, Geneviève
Burdeau, Geneviève Keywords: Currencies | Monetary policy | Competence | …

La délimitation des compétences des Nations Unies (Volume 108)

(38,974 words)

Author(s): L. Bindschedler, Rudolf
L. Bindschedler, Rudolf Keywords: United Nations | Competence | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Compétence | ABSTRACT Rudolf Bindschedler begins his course by making general remarks on the division of powers. He next examines, within the framework of the United Nations, the division of formal powers and later examines the division of substantive powers. The author also discusses the powers of the United Nations toward non-member States and other international organizations. Rudolf Bindschedler commence son cours en formulant des remarques générales sur la répartition d…

Les espaces maritimes et le pouvoir des États (Volume 122)

(23,064 words)

Author(s): Scerni, Mario
Scerni, Mario Keywords: States | Sea | Competence | Mots clefs: Etats | Espace maritime | Compétence | ABSTRACT Mario Scerni thus defines the subject of his course: the Maritime Areas and the Power of the States. It consists of the critical examination of rules i…

La Cour permanente de Justice internationale son organisation et sa compétence (Volume 62)

(41,973 words)

Author(s): Bruns, Viktor
Bruns, Viktor Keywords: Permanent Court of International Justice | Competence | Mots clefs: Cour permanente de Justice internationale | …

Quelle place pour l’État dans le droit international d’aujourd’hui? (Volume 347)

(20,479 words)

Author(s): Salmon, Jean
Salmon, Jean Keywords: States | Sovereignty | Competence | Globalization | Legal personality | Public international law | European Union | Mots clefs: Etats | Souveraineté | Compétence | Mondialisation | Personnalité juridique | Droit international public | Union européenne | ABSTRACT Jean Salmon, Professor Emeritus at the Université libre de Bruxelles, was convinced, while attending Paul Reuter’s doctoral course on international organizations in Paris in 1955, that the sovereign State was destined to disappear and would otherwise be re…

The Competence of the United Nations General Assembly (Volume 97)

(29,151 words)

Author(s): A. Vallat, C. M. G., F.
A. Vallat, C. M. G., F. Keywords: United Nations | General Assembly | Competence | Mo…

Constitutional Limitations in the Law of the European Organisations (Volume 108)

(40,720 words)

Author(s): J. Hahn, Hugo
J. Hahn, Hugo Keywords: Europe | International organizations | Competence | European Coal and Steel Community | European Economic Community | European Atomic Energy Community | Treaties | Community law | Mots clefs: Europe | Organisations internationales | Compétence | Communauté européenne du charbon et de l'acier | Communauté économique européenne | Communauté européenne de l'énergie atomique | Traités | Droit communautaire | ABSTRACT Hugo Hahn devotes his course to Constitutional Limitations in the Law of International Organizations. By constitution, it m…