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L’individu et le droit international (Volume 90)

(39,790 words)

Author(s): Sperduti, Giuseppe
Sperduti, Giuseppe Keywords: Individuals | International law | Mots clefs: Individus | Droit international | ABSTRACT Giuseppe Sperduti begins his course by recalling some general knowledge about international society and its legal order necessary for the examination of the problems relating to the condition of individuals in international law. He then examines the alleged impossibilities and logical necessities of classifying individuals as recipients of international norms. He also presents the principle of t…

La responsabilité internationale de l’individu (Volume 280)

(109,701 words)

Author(s): Abellán Honrubia, Victoria
Abellán Honrubia, Victoria Keywords: Individuals | International responsibility | International law | Mots clefs: Individus | Responsabilité internationale | Droit international | ABSTRACT The object of the course of Victoria Abellán Honrubia, Professor at the University of Barcelona, is to study the international responsibility of the individual according to public international law. Professor Abellán Honrubia proposes to clarify up to what point the standards for international responsibility of the individual can be…

Le problème de l’accès des particuliers a des juridictions internationales (Volume 51)

(39,273 words)

Author(s): Séfériadès, Stelio
Séfériadès, Stelio Keywords: Individuals | Human rights | International courts | Access to justice | Mots clefs: Individus | Droits de l homme | Tribunaux internationaux | Accès aux tribunaux | ABSTRACT Stelio Seferiades, in the introduction to his course, quotes the resolution taken by the Institute of International Law at New York in 1929 that "It is the duty of every State to recognize the right of every individual to life, freedom, and property, and to grant to all, in its territory, full and complete protection of the rig…

National and International Regulation of International Movement and the Legal Position of the Private Individual (Volume 131)

(50,411 words)

Author(s): Riphagen, W.
Riphagen, W. Keywords: Individuals | Rights | Mots clefs: Individus | Droits | ABSTRACT Willem Riphagen studies in this course the impact of national and international rules of international movement on the legal position of individuals. The author examines the impact of national legislation in the context of the domestic legal system of the State in the first part, and the impact of foreign legislation in the same context in the second part. He then presents the creation of private rights through internation…

The Private-Public Divide in International Dispute Resolution (Volume 388)

(88,455 words)

Author(s): Hess, Burkhard
Hess, Burkhard Keywords: International dispute settlement | International arbitration | International commercial arbitration | States | Individuals | Private enforcement ABSTRACT Almost every legal system knows the distinction between private and public law. This distinction is primarily found in continental law systems, but it is not unknown in the common law world. In this course, Burkhard Hess focuses on the dispute between the public and the private sectors. The author explains that both the areas of public and …

L’individu et le droit international (Volume 30)

(25,839 words)

Author(s): Spiropoulos, J.
Spiropoulos, J. Keywords: Individuals | International law | Mots clefs: Individus | Droit international | ABSTRACT Jean Spiropoulos emphasizes the problem of the position of an individual in international legal life is one of the most discussed problems of international law at the time of the publication of his course (1929). Some of its aspects, such as, for example, the right of individuals to take action before international bodies, the issue of the protection of minorities and the international recognition …

The Emancipation of the Individual from the State under International Law (Volume 358)

(75,139 words)

Author(s): Hafner, Gerhard
Hafner, Gerhard Keywords: Individuals | Subjects of international law | International law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT In this course, the author informs that the emancipation of the individual from the State in legal terms is couched in the notion of the international legal personality of individuals. He begins by surveying various concepts, which have been used to explain the position of the individual in international relations and international law from a historical perspective. The author examines the developmen…

Facteurs privés et droit international public (Volume 299)

(154,871 words)

Author(s): Roucounas, Emmanuel
Roucounas, Emmanuel Keywords: Individuals | Public international law | Mots clefs: Individus | Droit international public | ABSTRACT Emmanuel Roucounas, Professor at the University of Athens, devotes his general course on public international law to the question of the status of the individual in public international law. Professor Roucounas starts by describing the divided character of the legal theory concerning the individual's status in public international law, and then develops his subject in four steps. In…

Effets pour l’individu des régimes de protection de droit international (Volume 391)

(70,740 words)

Author(s): Swinarski, Christophe
Swinarski, Christophe Keywords: Human rights | International humanitarian law | International protection | Individuals ABSTRACT In this course, Christophe Swinarski begins by examining the meaning of the term “individual” and shows how the concept of individual’s protection be profiled from now on to accommodate the legal world hitherto reserved to the States? The author presents an overview of the synergies between international humanitarian law and international human rights law and discusses the concept of …

Applicable Law in Relations between Intergovernmental Organizations and Private Parties (Volume 122)

(71,864 words)

Author(s): Seyersted, Finn
Seyersted, Finn Keywords: International organizations | Non-State actoRelations | Choice of law | International civil servants | Individuals | Nongovernmental organizations | Mots clefs: Organisations internationales | Entités non-étatiques | Relations | Choix de la loi applicable | Fonctionnaires internationaux | Individus | Organisations non-gouvernementales | ABSTRACT According to Finn Seyersted, there exists a common law for international organizations at three levels of relationships: the internal level, the international level, and the…

The Quest for World Order and Human Dignity in the Twenty-first Century: Constitutive Process and Individual Commitment General Course on Public International Law (Volume 351)

(129,352 words)

Author(s): Michael Reisman, W.
Michael Reisman, W. Keywords: International law | International regime | Development of international law | Decision-making | Sovereignty | Human rights | Subjects of international law | Individuals | Use of force | Mots clefs: Droit international | Régime international | Développement du droit international | Prise de décisions | Souveraineté | Droits de l'homme | Sujets du droit international | Individus | Force | ABSTRACT In this course, the author is concerned about the understanding and assessment of the aggregate performance of the constitutive structure…

L’individu et les tribunaux internationaux (Volume 107)

(24,446 words)

Author(s): A. Von Der Heydte, F.
A. Von Der Heydte, F. Keywords: Individuals | International courts | Access to justice | Mots clefs: Individus | Tribunaux internationaux | Accès aux tribunaux | ABSTRACT F.A. von der Heydte points out that the international Tribunals deal with the protection of human rights, which is reason enough for a thorough study of the individual's legal position in international tribunals. The author therefore successively examines the role of the individual in international law, the international tribunals, and the individual bef…

L’efficacité des normes internationales concernant la situation des personnes privées dans les ordres juridiques internes (Volume 356)

(121,419 words)

Author(s): Lagrange, Evelyne
Lagrange, Evelyne Keywords: Persons | Individuals | International law and domestic law | Unification of law | Monism and dualism | Norms | Legitimacy | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Today, there is a question of the relationship between the different domestic laws that would make their mark on the international standards of harmonization, or unification of law, applicable to the relations between public authorities and private individuals. In this course, Evelyne Lagrange discusses the extent of the self-determination and self-orga…