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Le développement et la codification du droit international (Volume 73)

(39,669 words)

Author(s): Liang, Yuen-Li
Liang, Yuen-Li Keywords: Codification | International law | Development of international law | Mots clefs: Codification | Droit international | Développement du droit international | ABSTRACT After a presentation of the position and role of international law in the Charter of the United Nations, Yuen-Li Liang offers a historical overview of the development of international law through conferences and the efforts made toward the codification. He focuses on the methods of encouraging the progressive development of internat…

L’exercice des compétences monétaires par les États (Volume 212)

(56,877 words)

Author(s): Burdeau, Geneviève
Burdeau, Geneviève Keywords: Currencies | Monetary policy | Competence | International law | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Politique monétaire | Compétence | Droit international | ABSTRACT Geneviève Burdeau notes in the introduction of her course that the conditions for the exercise of monetary powers by the State are naturally linked not only to a certain political and economic context, but also and very largely to the historical circumstances that might affect the territory in its relationship with political power. Here, Prof…

L'organisation internationale des voies de communication (Volume 5)

(20,435 words)

Author(s): Bourquin, Maurice
Bourquin, Maurice Keywords: Communications | International law | Mots clefs: Communications | Droit international | ABSTRACT Maurice Bourquin notes in his introduction that there is a risk of conflict between local political sovereignty and general economic interests, and that a formula for conciliation must be chosen or found. Hence, there is a need for an international organization of communication paths. After a first part devoted to the origins of the organizational effort (the sea), the author studies its …

L’état de droit: émergence d’un principe du droit international (Volume 254)

(183,039 words)

Author(s): Morin, Jacques-Yvan
Morin, Jacques-Yvan Keywords: Constitutional state | Human rights | Constitutional law | Legal principles | International law | Mots clefs: Etat de droit | Droits de l'homme | Droit constitutionnel | Principes généraux du droit | Droit international | ABSTRACT Jacques-Yvon Morin, Professor at the University of Montreal, proposes in his course to measure the effectiveness of the principles of rule of law and the rules which result from it, not only within the State, but also on the international stage, where their increasing interdepen…

Custom and Treaty in the Law of the Sea (Volume 205)

(29,074 words)

Author(s): Bernhardt, Rudolf
Bernhardt, Rudolf Keywords: International customary law | Law of the sea | Law of treaties | International law | Mots clefs: Droit coutumier international | Droit de la mer | Droit des traités | Droit international | ABSTRACT Rudolf Bernhardt, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, notes that the combined play of custom and treaty, in the Law of the Sea, requires the consideration of general and theoretical elements and requires an attempt to link these general considerat…

Les maitres de l’école italienne du droit international au XIXe siècle (Volume 46)

(40,455 words)

Author(s): Catellani, Enrico
Catellani, Enrico Keywords: Italy | International law | Legal history | Mots clefs: Italie | Droit international | Histoire du droit | ABSTRACT During the earlier period of the French Revolution and during the later period of the Napoleonic Empire, not only philosophical and legal studies flourish in Italy as in other European countries, but also the studies related to human rights and their protection as well as the studies related to the internal organization of States and the best rules for the coexistence of State…

Règles générales du droit de la Paix (Volume 54)

(106,632 words)

Author(s): Kaufmann, Erich
Kaufmann, Erich Keywords: Peace | International law | Mots clefs: Paix | Droit international | ABSTRACT After a presentation of the general approach to the issue of the rules of the law of peace, the author studies the establishment of the State in an international order. He then focuses on the peculiarities of the international order, and on the idea of law in the international order. The last chapter examines the international community and international political law: the author presents the structure and or…

Les règles générales du droit de la paix (Volume 47)

(117,740 words)

Author(s): Strupp, Karl
Strupp, Karl Keywords: Peace | International law | Mots clefs: Paix | Droit international | ABSTRACT In the introduction to his course, Karl Strupp makes the following observation: under the penalty of ad infinitum regression in legal order, it should be admitted that the foundation of international law is pre-legal. Ever since the States have recognized an obligatory nature of the international norms at different periods which could not be specified historically, it is that the same principle was a part of the…

The Doctrine of Jurisdiction in International Law (Volume 111)

(60,160 words)

Author(s): A. Mann, F.
A. Mann, F. Keywords: Jurisdiction | International law | Rights and duties of States | Legislation | Mots clefs: Juridiction | Droit international | Droits et devoirs des Etats | Législation | ABSTRACT Frederick devotes his course to the doctrine of jurisdiction in international law. After a first chapter devoted to the definition of the concept of jurisdiction, the author examines the doctrine of legislative jurisdiction from a general point of view and then from a special point of view. He examines the enforcement jurisdiction. Frederick consacre son cours à la doctrine de la …

The Quest for World Order and Human Dignity in the Twenty-first Century: Constitutive Process and Individual Commitment General Course on Public International Law (Volume 351)

(129,352 words)

Author(s): Michael Reisman, W.
Michael Reisman, W. Keywords: International law | International regime | Development of international law | Decision-making | Sovereignty | Human rights | Subjects of international law | Individuals | Use of force | Mots clefs: Droit international | Régime international | Développement du droit international | Prise de décisions | Souveraineté | Droits de l'homme | Sujets du droit international | Individus | Force | ABSTRACT In this course, the author is concerned about the understanding and assessment of the aggregate performance of the constitutive structure…

Means of Ensuring Compliance with and Enforcement of International Environmental Law (Volume 272)

(55,531 words)

Author(s): Wolfrum, Rüdiger
Wolfrum, Rüdiger Keywords: Environmental protection | International law | Mots clefs: Protection de la nature et de l environnement | Droit international | ABSTRACT Rüdiger Wolfrum, director of the Max-Planck Institute Comparative Public Law and International Law, splits his course on the means of ensuring compliance with and enforcement of international law into seven chapters. After an introductory chapter, Rüdiger Wolfrum describes the régimes that have been designed to ensure that the obligations to provide for the…

L’influence de la Réforme sur le developpement du droit international (Volume 6)

(28,838 words)

Author(s): Boegner, Marc
Boegner, Marc Keywords: Legal history | International law | Reform | Development of international law | Mots clefs: Histoire du droit | Droit international | Réforme | Développement du droit international | ABSTRACT In this study, Marc Boegner intends to explore the ways in which such a considerable religious movement has influenced the development of international law, and what effects it has had in the history of law of nations. The author thus successively focuses on the relations of the reform with law of nations, natural l…

La codification du droit international (Volume 6)

(44,919 words)

Author(s): de Visscher, Charles
de Visscher, Charles Keywords: Codification | International law | Mots clefs: Codification | Droit international | ABSTRACT In the introduction to his course on the Codification of International Law, Charles De Visscher presents the characteristics of the Codification of International Law as it occurred in 1925. The author devotes the first part of his course to an analysis of the fundamental concepts, the foundation, and formal sources of international law. In the second part to deal entirely with the codificat…

Chance, Order, Change: The Course Of International Law General Course On Public International Law (Volume 365)

(146,924 words)

Author(s): Crawford, James
Crawford, James Keywords: Public international law | Development of international law | International law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT In this course, the author articulates and defends three positions: international law is law, there is an international legal system, and there is, or at least can and should be, an international rule of law. He explores five challenges to the systemic character of international law, which are the issues of participation in the system, encapsulation into the problematic aspects of perso…

The Protection Of General Interests in the International Community General Course on Public International Law (2011) (Volume 364)

(64,039 words)

Author(s): Gaja, Giorgio
Gaja, Giorgio Keywords: International community | Public interest | Public international law | International law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT In this course, the author explains the impacts of peremptory norms (jus cogens) for the protection of international community. He considers a variety of issues, which have emerged, especially in recent years, with regard to the protection of certain general interests in the international community. The author discusses the relevance of general interests in the international commu…

An International Legal Framework for Energy (Volume 332)

(32,724 words)

Author(s): A. Fatouros, Arghyrios
A. Fatouros, Arghyrios Keywords: Energy | Legal regime | International law | State contracts | Energy Charter Treaty (Lisbon, 17 December 1994) | Mots clefs: Energie | Régime juridique | Droit international | Contrats d'Etat | Traité de la charte de l'énergie (Lisbonne, 17 décembre 1994) | ABSTRACT Arghyrios A. Fatouros, Professor Emeritus of the University of Athens, presents his course on the international legal framework for energy as an experiment. He aims to determine whether and to what extent it is possible to account in terms of law, …

Les règles internationales concernant le traitement des étrangers (Volume 37)

(27,014 words)

Author(s): Dr. A. Verdross, le
Dr. A. Verdross, le Keywords: Aliens | International law | Mots clefs: Etrangers | Droit international | ABSTRACT After a presentation of the sources and the system of the international law of foreigners, the author examines the issue of the entry of foreigners. The author then presents the general rules on the treatment of foreigners who have entered the territory of the State, and analyzes the special rules on the treatment of foreigners in the economic field. Après une présentation des sources et du système du droit international des étrangers, l'auteur étudie la ques…

Règles générales du droit de la paix (Volume 46)

(119,982 words)

Author(s): Scelle, Georges
Scelle, Georges Keywords: Peace | International law | Mots clefs: Paix | Droit international | ABSTRACT Georges Scelles begins his systematic course on the General Rules of the Law of Peace with a methodological introduction devoted to the postulates of classical international law and to the objections addressed to the postulates of classical international law by realistic criticism. The first part of the course is devoted to the elements of the international legal order: international society, subject of law, …

The Taking of Property by the State: Recent Developments in International Law (Volume 176)

(50,996 words)

Author(s): Higgins, Rosalyn
Higgins, Rosalyn Keywords: Expropriation | International law | Mots clefs: Expropriation et nationalisation | Droit international | ABSTRACT In this course, Rosalyn Higgins explores recent developments (during writing of the course) in international law with respect to expropriation by the State. In the previous several years, there have been important debates on the issue of compensation for foreign owners. After an examination of the legal concepts concerned by expropriation by the State (particularly the conce…

Concepts, Principles, Rules and Analogies: International and Municipal Legal Reasoning (Volume 294)

(58,116 words)

Author(s): Thirlway, Hugh
Thirlway, Hugh Keywords: International law | Mots clefs: Droit international | ABSTRACT Professor Thirlway, Visiting Professor at the University of Bristol, examines in this course how and why it is that international law is different from all other national systems of law. Professor Thirlway starts by describing the reality of international law, and then focuses on the concept of the sources of international law (treaties, customs, and general principles of law). The author then lists some major concepts o…
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