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Le droit international nouveau L’influence de la condamnation de la guerre sur l’évolution juridique internationale (Volume 31)

(51,106 words)

Author(s): le Baron Descamps, M.
le Baron Descamps, M. Keywords: Renunciation of war | International law | Mots clefs: Renonciation à la guerre | Droit international | ABSTRACT Baron Descamps devotes his course to a new international law. To embody the progressive claims of the law, to strive to give them, with this luminous essence that defies contradiction, a voice that dominates the clamor of i…

Le droit constitutionnel et l'organisation de la paix (Droit constitutionnel de la pak) (Volume 45)

(37,206 words)

Author(s): Mirkine-Guetzévitch, Boris
Mirkine-Guetzévitch, Boris Keywords: Peace | Constitutional law | International law and domestic law | Renunciation of war | Mots clefs: …

Outlawry of War, and Disarmament (Volume 133)

(8,887 words)

Author(s): V. Bogdanov, O.
V. Bogdanov, O. Keywords: Disarmament | Renunciation of war | Mots clefs: Désarmement | Renonciation à la guerre | ABSTRACT In this short presentation, O.V. Bogdanov exposes the problems of disarmament and prohibition of war in the Covenant of the League of Nations. He then focuses on disarmament addressed in the Charter of the United Nations and on disarmament addressed in the post-war international practice. He later studies the principle of disarmament in international law, exposes the problem of weapons of mass…

L’article XI du Pacte de la Société des Nations (Volume 39)

(38,905 words)

Author(s): Kunz, Joseph-L.
Kunz, Joseph-L. Keywords: League of Nations | Covenant | Renunciation of war | Pacific settlement of disputes | Mots clefs: Société des Nations | Pacte | Renonciation à la guerre | Règlement pacifique des différends internationaux | ABSTRACT The Covenant of the League of Nations is a coherent work, notes Joseph Kunz in the introduction to his course. His articles should thus be understood as a part of a system. The systematic study is thus the method followed by the author to give an account of the first paragraph of Article XI of the Covenant, which concerns the prevention of conflicts. Le Pacte de la Société des Nations est une œuvre cohérente,…