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The Hittite Conquest of Cyprus: Two Inscriptions of Suppiluliuma II (1.75)

(1,785 words)

Author(s): Hoffner, Harry A., Jr.
Subject: Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World; Hittite Canonical Compositions; Royal Focus; Historiography Commentary The present text derives from a single tablet found in the 1961 season of excavations at Boğazköy in the area of the House on the Slope. It was published in cuneiform copy by Heinrich Otten in 1963 in Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazköi, Heft XII, No. 38, and was partially transliterated and translated in the same year by Otten (1963a). The definitive edition was by Hans Güterbock in 1967 (see also Carruba 1968), who cites all anterior literature. The tablet …

Puduḫepa, Queen of Hatti, to the King of Ugarit (RS 17.434+) (3.45J)

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Contributor(s): Hallo, William W.
Subject: Archival Documents from the Biblical World; West Semitic Archival Documents; Letters; Ugaritic Letters; Incoming Correspondence From Other Courts (10) Puduḫepa, Queen of Hatti, to the King of Ugarit (RS 17.434+) (3.45J) 1 Subject: 2 Sam 8:6; 1 Kgs 5:1; Exod 25:4 Address (lines 1–2) [Messa]ge of Puduḫepa, [great] quee[n, que]en [of Hatti:] [To] Niqmaddu say: Report of Well-being ( lines 2–4) He[re with] the Su[n and] with the queen, everything [is well]; now the well-being of your land and [of] the house of the king […].2 First Matter: Tribute ( lines 5–13) Concerning the …