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Author(s): Büchner, C. F.
, Mīrzā Aḥmad S̲h̲īrāzī with the tak̲h̲alluṣ Waḳār (Browne vocalises it Wiḳār), a Persian poet, the eldest of the six sons of the poet Wiṣāl. His five brothers also attained fame as poets. Specimens of the poetry of the father Wiṣāl are given in the Mad̲j̲ma ʿ al-Fuṣaḥāʾ of Riḍā Ḳulī Ḵh̲ān, ii. 528 sqq. and in Browne, Persian Literature in Modern Times, p. 318; in the last named work on p. 301, 319 sqq. and 323 sqq. are also specimens of the work of Dāwarī and Farhang, two brothers of Waḳār. In the Mad̲j̲maʿ, ii. 103 sqq. are two further poems of Wiṣāl’s second son Maḥmūd Ḥakīm and in ii. 3…