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Unknown author

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Author(s): Lamoreaux, John C.
The Life of John of Edessa Date of Birth: Perhaps 8th c. Place of Birth: Perhaps Edessa Date of Death: Perhaps 9th c. Place of Death: Perhaps Edessa Biography The anonymous author of the Life of John of Edessa seems to have been active in about 900, perhaps in Edessa. Beyond this, nothing else about him is known. Primary Sources of Information -- Secondary Sources of Information J. Lamoreaux and H. Khairallah, ‘The Arabic version of the Life of John of Edessa’, Le Muséon 113 (2000) 439-60 P. Peeters, ‘La passion de S. Michel le Sabaïte’, AB 48 (1930) 65-98, pp. 85-91 K. K’ek’elidze, ‘Zhitie i po…

 Qiṣṣa sīrat al-baṭriyark ʿalā Anṭākiyya al-shahīd Kharīsṭūfūrus wa-shahādatihi bihā, allafahā Ibrāhīm ibn Yuḥannā [sc. Yūḥannā] al-ibrūṭusbāthār al-Malakī bihā yūnāniyyan thumma naqalahā ayḍan ʿarabiyyan

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Author(s): Lamoreaux, John C.
An account of the life of the patriarch of Antioch, the martyr Christopher, and his martyrdom in it [Antioch], which Ibrāhīm ibn Yūḥannā, the Melkite protospatharios, wrote in it [Antioch] in Greek [and] then also translated into Arabic (title in the Sinai MS; Zayat’s edition bears no title) Ibrāhīm ibn Yūḥannā al-Anṭākī Date: About 1025 or shortly thereafter Original Language: Arabic Description Ibrāhīm begins his Life of Christopher with a brief account of his hero’s birth and upbringing in Baghdad, and then of his relocation to Aleppo. It was there that Ch…

 Maymar fī mawt al-Masīḥ wa-annā idhā qulnā inna l-Masīḥ māta ʿannā innamā naqūlu inna l-Ibn al-azalī l-mawlūd min al-Āb qabla l-duhūr huwa lladhī māta ʿannā lā fī ṭabīʿatihi l-ilāhiyya bal fī ṭabīʿatihi l-insāniyya wa-kayfa yuʿqalu hādhā l-mawt wa-annahu yaḥsunu an yuqālu ʿalā l-Ibn al-azalī fī l-jiha llatī taqūluhu ʿalayhi al-urthūdhuksiyya

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Author(s): Lamoreaux, John C.
Treatise on the death of Christ, and that when we say that Christ died for us we say that the eternal Son begotten of the Father before the ages died for us, not in his divine nature, but in his human nature, and how this death is to be understood, and that it is right that it be said of the eternal Son in the manner that Orthodoxy says it of him Theodore Abū Qurra Date: Late 8th or early 9th c. Original Language: Arabic Description This treatise concerns the manner of Christ's death. It argues against the Nestorians that it was not a mere man that died for us. It argues against …
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