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Author(s): Fleming, Barbara | Babinger, F. | Woodhead, Christine
, the name of a family of Ottoman Turkish scholars who stemmed from the village of Ṭas̲h̲ Köprü (“stone bridge”) near Ḳasṭamūnī [ q.v.] in northern Anatolia. Famous members of the family include: 1. Muṣliḥ al-Dīn Muṣṭafā , preceptor of Sultan Selīm I [ q.v.]. ¶ He was born at Ṭas̲h̲ Köprü in 857/1453, and died on 12 S̲h̲awwāl 935/19 July 1529 in Istanbul. He studied in Bursa and Istanbul under celebrated scholars, and then progressed through a series of medrese s at Bursa, Ankara, Skopje, and Edirne. Bāyezīd II [ q.v.] appointed him preceptor ( k̲h̲od̲j̲a ) of his son …